How we work

  • 1

    Rosano Dry Fruit works directly with growers, going out into the territory to check their crops and making sure the growers are producing their produce in a healthy, correct manner.

  • 2

    Certifications (particularly DOP) are acquired and verified. After which the goods are transported to company headquarters, located in Adrano, where there are factories for shelling products.

  • 3

    The production process consists of several stages. First of all, the dried fruit is cleaned for the first time and passed through sieves to remove dust and any foreign matter.

  • 4

    Sizing is then carried out, separating the fruit of different sizes in order to ensure optimum shelling. Further sifting is then performed, separating the whole fruit from the broken fruit and removing any peel or slag present. A further selection is then made using an optical light machine.

  • 5

    The next step is manual: the shelled dried fruit is placed on conveyor belts and hand-checked by specialised personnel who review the fruit one by one and remove any impurities that may have escaped the machines.

  • 6

    The whole fruit is then packaged or further processed for the production of grain and flour, using special machinery present on the farm.

  • 7

    Finally, the process ends with the packaging of the processed product, which is then sent to the final customers: confectionery companies and retailers of dried fruit.