Rosano Dry Fruit was founded in 1959 by Gaetano Rosano, father of the current owner, who decided to start a business of shelling and marketing almonds for the production of all kinds of semi-finished products. Subsequently, the company extended its activities to pistachios, the family having had pistachio land since the beginning of the 1900s.

The work of shelling and cleaning the pistachio went on for years, until the 1990s, when the activity passed into the hands of his son Tino, who started a new stage. Since then, the purchase of raw material has extended from traditional supply by Sicilian farmers to importing from foreign markets too.

Rosano Dry Fruit has thus become the first company in Italy to import the precious Syrian pistachio and has continued to expand its range of action with the purchase of pistachios from the Greek, Turkish, Iranian and Spanish markets as well, to then export to Italy and abroad. Today, the company also sells Georgian hazelnuts, targeting the Italian market.